Babor Beleza do Brasil

A manual SPA massage performed on the entire body, which restores vitality and energy by alternating cold and hot, specially designed for improving the blood flow. The pleasant flavors used during the massage will take you away from everyday life and will send you in the world of tropical forests in Brazil.

This treatment takes 90 minutes.


– With  Babor SPA around the world , you can discover authentic beauty secrets and rituals of different peoples, preserved over time.

– Discover the mystical African world with the Khanya massage, the Asian oriental world with the ScenTao massage and experiment the oriental Indian feeling with the Shadiva massage.

Babor Khanya of Africa

A massage performed with natural stones and pink quartz crystals, which alternates hand movements and techniques from African rituals, especially used for strengthening the bond between man and nature. At the end of the massage, a specific African mask is applied.  The massage has revitalizing and energizing effects.

This treatment takes 90 minutes.

Babor ScenTao din Asia

A massage performed with hot volcanic stones, which is alternated with manual movement based on pressure techniques on certain areas of the body, developed by Asian experts, which aim for a state of wellness and relaxation.

This treatment takes 90 minutes.

Babor Shadiva from India

A manual massage inspired by Ayurvedica Himalayan medicine, accompanied by special techniques, combined with essential oils that bring body and spirit in harmony. The massage has the effect of detoxifying the body.

This treatment takes 90 minutes.




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