Guinot Energie Cellular Jeunesse (A NEW TREATMENT AT SILHOUETTE)

What is new about this treatment in terms of technology is the dynamic ionization, which increases the energy at the cellular level as well as the thermal effect that stimulates oxygen absorption, microcirculation and detoxification of the skin.  This treatment is an alternative to the cosmetic medical procedures, resulting in the removal of aging, fatigue and stress marks, leaving the skin smooth, glowing and luminous.



Guinot Energie Cellular Lift (A NEW TREATMENT AT SILHOUETTE)

A treatment based on a device combined with anti-wrinkle serum gel. The new technology uses the sequentially modulated current to produce an increase in muscle tone, with the instant effect of non-surgical face-lift.


Guinot Hydradermie

Treatment based on an innovative device which allows deep penetration of active ingredients from the gel serums, all thanks to the double ionization offered by the device.  This treatment is available in seven versions, depending on the objective of the treatment and the skin type. After this unique treatment, the skin will be brighter, oxygenated, and visibly rejuvenated.


Guinot Hydradermie Lift

A device-based treatment, which combines technology with gel serums, for a non-surgical lifting effect. It is a treatment that tones the skin and, moreover, restores the features in depth through muscle stimulation, resulting in a facial rejuvenation, face-lift without shots, and redefinition of the facial contour.

Guinot Age Summum(new treatment)

A manual treatment whose first step is dermabrasion, which helps eliminating dead cells. The second step ensures cellular regeneration using Pure Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, applied in specific anti-wrinkle massage movement, and the last step consists in the application of a pro-collagen mask. The 50 minutes treatment targets the regeneration, firmness and luminosity of the skin, resulting in a visible reduction of signs of aging.

Guinot Liftosome

A very gentle manual treatment, by means of a mask that provides pleasant warmth that allows the diffusion of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the dermis. Due to the unique pro-collagen ingredient, the skin regains its elasticity and firmness, obtaining a lifting effect, which offers radiance, vitality and youthfulness, with spectacular results from the first session.


Guinot Beauté Neuve

A manual treatment based on fruit acids and vitamin C, whose unique feature is the double peeling step. During the first step, the dead cells are separated and, during the second step, these dead cells are eliminated, leaving the skin healthy, glowing and facilitating the absorption of active ingredients.

Guinot Aromatic(new treatment)

A manual beauty treatment with essential oils and herbal concentrates that can be customized according to the customer’s need and objectives. Its secret lies in adapting the relaxing massage to your breathing pace, combined with the essential oils which suits you, followed by application of the masked based on herbal concentrates, resulting in a rejuvenated and luminous skin.

Babor Calming Sensitive

A manual treatment for irritated, sensitive and allergic skin, which treats the skin with ingredients such as chamomile and licorice extracts, anti-irritation complex – aiming to desensitize and fortify the skin so as to cope with external factors.

Babor Advanced Biogen

A manual treatment that regenerates and repairs the skin at a cellular level, having as main ingredients macadamia oil, soy oil and hyaluronic acid, delivering instant brightness.

Babor Pure Face

A manual treatment that aims a deep purification by means of ingredients such as field horsetail extract, hazelnuts extract, vitamins E and B, which ensure a balance of the sebum and instant brightness.

Babor Reversive

A manual treatment that turns back time and rejuvenates the skin, with long-lasting effects. Due to its main active ingredients like telovite (that protects the telomeres against premature destruction, thus maintaining a prolonged life cycle of cellular life, ingredient that was awarded the Nobel price), Agicyl (which reactivates the anti-aging mechanism), Lumicol (which restores the skin glow), and Epocyl (which densifies and protects the skin).   In only 90 minutes, the complexion is rejuvenated, firm and smooth.

Academie Oxigenant Stimulant

A manual treatment that combats environmental factors and pollution with the help of vitamin E, corn oil and wheat extract. This treatment helps strengthening the epidermis and provides a better oxygenation, giving the skin an instant glow.

Academie – Desensitizing

Manual treatment intended for red and sensitive skin, with ingredients such as linden extract, arnica and silica derivative, which are designed to soothe the skin since the first session, providing the necessary comfort by decongesting and desensitizing the skin.

Academie – Optimal Purity

Manual treatment that balances excess sebum, purifies in depth due to glycolic acid, grapefruit extract that minimizes pores, offering a matte, luminous and clean skin at the end of the treatment.

Academie Absolut

A SPA treatment with essential oils that revitalizes nourishes and moisturizes the skin, in a relaxing manner.  A specific treatment that combines massage with essential oils and helps the skin to regain its energy and vitality in a pleasant way.

Academie AROMATHERAPY with Essential Oils

This manual treatment uses a unique and personalized method, associating the benefits of essential oils (100% pure) with massage techniques. Essential oils that include natural active ingredients extracted from plants such as lavender, basil and eucalyptus restore the skin’s beauty and energy.

Academie DERMACT

A skin care expert, this dermocosmetic treatment lies on the border between dermatology and cosmetics, and it is performed as an alternative for people who do not wish to undergo plastic surgery for wrinkles, hydration and acne.




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