Treatments during pregnancy

These treatments have two main goals:

  • To drain the legs in order to restore the well-being and to remove the water retention during the pregnancy.
  • To maintain elasticity and an optimal skin hydration level along with restoring a state of well-being.

Treatment for tired legs (swollen legs)

Treatment for tired legs (swollen legs) – manual treatment based on massage that is done by draining the thighs, focusing on the pressure points of the sole and effleurage up to the thighs It takes 30 minutes.  The effect is of stimulating the microcirculation and the lymphatic system thus removing water retention and offering the desired comfort of lightweight legs.

Academie Body – customized

Academie Body – Customized – Manual treatment based on hand massage with light movements of effleurage, focused on the legs, hands and scalp massage with pressure points, shoulders and back massage + moisturizing cream.  It takes 45 minutes. Muscle relaxing effect, with very good results on skin relaxation, regeneration and hydration.




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