cryolipo-image-8Single treatment, less centimeters!

CLATUU reshapes the body by attacking and eliminating the fat deposits, with just one session. The procedure is not painful and doesn’t require time for recuperation. The treatment uses freezing of the respective area(-9°C), this way reducing the adipose tissue and the fat is naturally eliminated through the lipid metabolism. The client doesn’t feel any pain or cold. Once destroyed through this treatment, the adipocyte won’t regenerate, this way the result being for a longer period of time.

The machine is unique in Romania. It has 2 applying heads: one is flat destined for areas with less adipose deposits, another, curved, perfect for areas with more adipose deposits. Areas like the stomach, back, or hips. CLATUU’s controlled cooling system has long term results enhancing the skin texture and firmness, reshaping the body and reducing the fat deposits. It’s effect is seen 3 weeks after the treatment is done. The final result will appear 12 weeks after the procedure.

CLATUU treatment can be applied on more areas where there are fat deposits: stomach, thigh, back, lower back, arms, the are above the knee.