Total/Liberty Slimming

Treatment with micronized algae + clay + thermal gel designed to favor the penetration of the active ingredients of powder algae in depth, with lipolytic effect.  The treatment is performed in a thermal blanket and takes 30 min. It reduces the fat tissue, eliminates toxins and excess water, activates blood flow and stimulates lipolysis, and the result is loss of kilograms.


O combination of two devices – biostimulation + infrared waves The unique feature of biostimulation is the ultra-wave complex with rotating action on the surface and helical in depth, dealing with a wide range of issues. The infrared waves stimulate the blood circulation and melt the fatty tissue. The duration of the treatment is 40 minutes. Its result is weight-loss and elimination of toxins.

Futura Ultra PRO

The new and improved world leader in professional non-invasive treatments brings a Trophic Code made of 66 waves that boost the effects of biostimulation. The device also boasts human-identical currents and a Bioenergy Synchronized Technology System that contributes to rejuvenation with its new LUMI (Light Unified Myoneural Impulsers) transmitters.  The new Ultratone has shown remarkable results in cellulite reduction, centimeter loss and weight loss.

Radiofrequency and ultrasounds

So up – Device that combines in a unique way the synchronous vacuum for the break down of granules, the continuous vacuum for lymphatic drainage, the RF which stimulates the cell metabolism + US which allows the fluidization and removal of fat + lipolytic serum + lipolityic gel + final cream with lipolytic effect.  This treatment takes 50 minutes. It streamlines the fat tissue, reshapes the areas of interest, with remarkable results in centimeter loss since the first session.

Techni SPA Advance Sistem

Unique treatment which uses a three-step technology that  breaks down fatty deposits:  MECHANICAL, to break down cellulite structure + BIOLOGICAL, by double ionization technique which optimizes the penetration and diffusion of the ACTIVE GEL SERUM slimming ingredients into the skin to enhance treatment results + STIMULATION of the lymphatic circulation.  The duration of treatment is 45 min. It has DOUBLE slimming effects, eliminating toxins and excess water. The results are centered in fewer centimeters from the first session, the orange peel look is diminished, a smoother skin, and weight loss.

Guinot Aromatic Massage

Aromatic Minceur – Manual treatment which begins with a specific massage for the break down of fatty tissue, with movements for cellulite drainage + anti-cellulite oil for 20 minutes + cold wrap and a sauna-mask for 20 minutes. The treatment takes 40 min. It stimulates fat burning and eliminates toxins, remodeling the silhouette.




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