European Bus Simulator 2012

In Bus Simulator 2012, you have to go to the fictitious city of Freyfurt. This simulator, and you will comply with the laws that allow rest periods and tickets for passengers in time. And 32-bit, 64 bit available

The mobilization of the bus simulator European to the bus station 2012można walk, take the bus off, and check the controls. This is a guide that will guide you through all the controls and shortcuts. Freyfurt has 450 stations scattered streets,More areas shestsgaradskiya tasks, such as routes szkolnychwykonać. You can create your own tracks in the editor.

License, which one would expect. Buses large and cumbersome to move, and stick towards other traffic are always a big problem. If you want to control the bus, cieszyćeuropejskiej you will be bus simulator 2012, but despite an improvement in graphics, it is still a game that lacks character. There is no reason the simulator needs to be dry and dryhumorous.

There shmatshynny detail in bus simulator 2012, until regulacjiklimatyzator, so it is when you like the stuff fun. Casual fans will find bus bus simulator 2012 overwhelming, and not enough fun.

This is the first modeling a very popular German highway buses. In collaboration with FlixBusdarmowe coach simulator it is designed to display the details of daily life highway / highway German bus driver as it moves in more than 40 cities. With FernbusTrenazhorCan experience life as daily, modern and great MAN Lions Coach / autobusDługodystansowych truck driver.

How does this work

About km from the Streixnet Flixbus German, and more than 40 German cities were modeled. The time simulator for przekazaniaskali 01.10 is set so that the individual trips are not too long. You can navigate the difficult road and highway network in various bus stations in more than 40 cities, zastayuchysyau constant communicationWith the headquarters in a bus / trainer. Accidents, congestion and construction sites is required to save their role as a bus driver when you are in the scheduled schedule.


Man buses are equipped with all the original cabins both fitted in the outer and inner parts of the tire characteristics are modeled in detail. TrenerFernbus offers a realistic and authentic atmosphere of the original passenger abyavami.Avtobusyim simulator was tested in real-time, driving instructor and bus driver themAnd optimized.

European Bus Simulator 2012