Epilare definitiva cu laser STARDUST Silhouette

Here at Silhouette you will always find the latest technologies created for the greatest results and brought to you in our centers for you to enjoy. Permanent hair removal is one of our utmost prides: the STARDUST laser hair removal technology is one of the most innovative methods you can use at Silhouette!

The STARDUST permanent hair removal system is, at the moment, the most efficient and practical method to remove unwanted or excess body hair. It guarantees a safe, total and long term epilation in any season of the year. Yes, it is safe to use even during summer. It works wonders on all skin types, even the most sensitive or light coloured.

It is very important only not to expose your skin to the sun 5 days before and after STARDUST permanent laser hair removal (for sensitive skin) and 3 days before and after the procedure (for normal skin). If you keep this in mind, there are no risks attached and you will enjoy a smooth skin and a care-free vacation during the summer.

Epilare definitiva cu laser STARDUST Silhouette

For long term results, it is important to follow the recommended frequency of the sessions and to have your sessions in a 20-45 days interval. 

The STARDUST laser permanent hair removal works great for blonde hair and fuzz in 50% of cases.

STARDUST is recommended both to women and men.

It is the most comfortable procedure of its type on the market right now since it has an innovative triple cooling system with gold & copper tubes which reduces discomfort.

Furthermore, these laser permanenent hair removal sessions are shorter, since we can work quickly and more efficiently on wider areas.

Stardust LaserDioda is the best technology used for progressive and permanent hair removal. It works with an 808 nm wave, producing light energy that turns into heat into the hair follicle. This destroys the follicle quickly, efficiently and with a long term effects. The energy of the laser beam used in STARDUST MED is more selective than others and reaches only the areas you want to reach thanks to the fact that it is absorbed differently depending on the wave-length we use. Moreover, STARDUST respects the Thermic Relaxation Time (TRT) of the skin.


Even though the results obtained with IPS and LaserDioda are similar, the latter guarantees quick sessions for any skin type (IPL can only be used on V & VI type, which means darker skin). STARDUST guarantees a much smalles risk of burning compared to IPL because it is more selective.

How many permanent laser hair removal sessions with STARDUST do you need to get the best results? 

The number of sessions you need depens on the area we are working with and on each individual skin type. Usually, 4 to 8 sessions are applied on the same area. The hair that grows after this will be much thinner and very rare. It is recommended to apply this treatment in an interval of 30-45 days for dark skin and every 15 days on lighter skin.

Laser Foto-epilation is an aesthetic treatment used for men and women on any body part.

Is the effect of STARDUST laser hair removal permanent? 

The new STARDUST MED laser guarantees a reduction of up to 90% hair roots in a very short time. Multiple sessions spread evenly in order to have stable long term results are settled with every skin type in mind. Usually, the maximum impact phase of STARDUST permanenent hair removal lasts 6 to 12 months, depending on the initial density of the hair thread. In the next phase, to maintain the results, you will need 2 to 4 sessions per year.

Are there any side effects to STARDUST laser hair removal?

Due to the innovative saphire cooling system that reaches -5 ° C when it comes in contact with the skin, the procedure is more confortable than others on the market. During the epilation, you will most likely feel a light stinging feeling while the laser is working. The STARDUST technology has been proven to be absolutely safe and with 0 health risks if all treatment protocols are respected. You may experience light redness on the surface of the skin right after the treatment, but this effect will go away quickly.


How much does a STARDUST permanent hair removal session cost?  

Our specialists will help you choose the best combination of permanent hair removal sessions for your skin and hair type. This way you will establish the number of sessions and intervals needed for maximum results and maintenance.

Treatment Price per session 6 Sessions Package
Permanent laser hair removal – face 305 lei 1.647 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – sideburns 210 lei 1.134 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – cheekbones 210 lei 1.134 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – moustache 210 lei 1.134 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – beard 305 lei 1.647 lei
Permanent laser hair removal –
210 lei 846 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – 1/2 chest or arms 275 lei 987 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – arms 440 lei 1.692 lei
Permanent laser hair removal
245 lei 846 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – armpit 305 lei 1.128 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – back/chest 440 lei 1.692 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – abdomen line 210 lei 846 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – legs (calves) 405 lei 1.550 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – legs (total) 635 lei 2.538 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – Brazilian inguinal 382 lei 1.410 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – inguinal (contour) 303 lei 1.128 lei
Permanent laser hair removal – inguinal (total) 438 lei


1.692 lei


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