August 2019 Special Offers at Silhouette

Product Offer – August 

Buy 2 Skin Care products = Get 1 SPF product for FREE

#SilhouCare Product Offer

This August we want to rprotect your skin are help you get the perfect tan – uniform and healthy. When you buy 2 skin care products in our Centers (creams, ampules, serums) you get a FREE SPF product. International brand are waiting for you to experiment real change in your skin’s health an quality. Hydration, firmness, lifting, rejuvenation – these are some of the effects that these brands have worked to innovate for!

Body Treatments

30 Days Challenge

30_days_challenge Program de slabire rapida Silhouette

For those who want to lose over 5kg the 30 Days Challenge by Sillhouette is the perfect slimming sollution. The active ingredients in the products we use, the thermic gel and the body wrapings create strong anti-cellulite treatments that work fast and efficientlly. Your figure will be reshaped completely in 30 days through the perfect combination of treatments. LIBERTY uses micro-algae, clay and thermic gel to burn the extra-fat on your body and reduce the orange-peel aspect of the skin, as well as stretch marks. PRESTOTHERAPY is a detofixying treatment that hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. 

SoUp Perfect Body

Perfect_Body_SoUp Treatment for Body Shaping and Slimming Silhouette

This Silhouette Innovation is somethign we are very proud of: So Up (both the lipolytic and firming treatment) combine radio-frequency, ultrasounds and products (gel, serum and cream) to activate the metabolism and allow extra-fat deposits to liquify and be eliminated from the body. After one session the anti-cellulite and firming effect is visible, the skin is smoother ad the fat loss process begins immediately. You will lose centimetres by eliminating unwanted fat in specific areas.

Fast Transformation

Prepare your body for a picture – perfect summer! The Fast Transformation programme relies on the highest performing treatments for slimming and reshaping: Clatuu cryotherapy that freezes the fat at -9 degrees Celsius. The fat loss effect is guaranteed by the machine we use – Clatuu is a certified procedure which, as studies have shown, helps eliminate fat deposits successfully starting after 1 session.

Facial Treatments

Guinot Global Care Package

Guinot_Global_Care Tratament facial de intinerire

The Guinot Global Care package has been created by our specialists and it involves revolutionary Guinot products and machines. The whole treatment helps rejuvenate the skin instantly with a proven long term effect. The double exfoliation with concentrated papaya extract eliminated dead skin cells, the soft massage stimulates skin regeneration and after all that indulgence we help your skin fill up on hyaluronic acid that deeply hydrates and plumps up the skin. The package includes a strong antiage treatment that stimulates the muscles around the eyes with a proven lifting effect. The final result: younger, radiant, firmer skin.

Académie Beauty Booster Package

Académie_Beauty_Booster Facial Treatment

Prevent and erase ageing signs and truly hydrate the skin with the Académie Derm Acte treatments by working on 3 levels: the genetic, the hormonal and the environmental one. The special facial massage and cellular stimulation along with the Gift set of products you can take home after the treatment will create a coherent, results driven anti-ageing programme. And you will see a change in your skin after the first session!  Moreover, this treatment is the perfect preparation for your days at the beach – exfoliate your skin carefully before sun exposure to ensure a uniform, beautiful tan. Of course, you still have to use an appropriate SPF product for your skin type.



Permanent hair removal

Ready For Summer

Permanent Hair removal for women - Laser Hair removal

Here at Silhouette we use the safest method for permanent epilation at this moment – STARDUST LaserDioda. This technology destroys the hair follicle using a 808 nm wave and is more efficient than the IPL method in progressively and permanently removing unwanted hair. The STARDUST method is recommended for all skin types and it sure to use even during the summer so that means the epilation season is never over in our centers. The number of sessions needed to get maximum results varies taking into consideration your skin and hair follicle type, but generally 4 to 8 sessions are enough to see visible results that last for 6 up to 12 months. 

Ready For Summer

Permanent Hair removal laser STARDUST Silhouette

Gentlemen, it is a known fact that women prefer a smooth back and chest. Furthermore, it is important for your personal hygiene and wellbeing to have excessive hair removed. 4 to 8 sessions are enough to give you visible results using the most efficient and the safest technology to this point – STARDUST LaserDioda. You can apply this method in any season, which is great for holiday times, because STARDUST is safe during the summer as well and for all skin types. 




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