We bring you a simple and efficient programme to bring you into top shape this summer. Get fast results in slimming and toning with our 30 Days Challenge!

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LIBERTY is a treatment that uses micronised algae, clay and thermic gel that helps the active ingredients enter the deep layers of the skin for a strong lipolytic action. The treatment manages to reduce extra body fat by eliminating toxins and excess water and also to activate the blood flow and stimulate lipolysis. One session of LIBERTY is 30 minutes long.

SUPERFAST is a mix of two technologies – biostimulation and infrared beams. Biostimulation uses a particular set of ultra-waves with rotating action on the surface of the skin and helicoidal deep action. Together, these two help reduce extra-fat and erases the aspect of cellulite and stretch marks. The result? Full body reshaping. On the other hand, infrared beams stimulate blood flow and help melt fat deposits. One session of SUPERFAST is 40 minutes long and the slimming and toning effect is visible after one visit in our centers.

PRESOTHERAPY is a completely detoxifying treatment that uses the power of lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxing from our bodies. During the treatment, the tissue is rejuvenated and oxygenated which means legs, abs and arms become slimmer and redefined and the skin becomes firmer. One session of PRESTOTHERAPY is 30 minutes long.

The treatment plan we propose here at Silhouette is made up of 5 LIBERTY sessions, 3 SUPERFAST sessions and 2 PRESTOTHERAPY sessions that will help you reshape and tone your figure in just 30 days. 

Book your visit now in one of our centers and enjoy the exclusive offer available this July only for our 30 Days Challenge!

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