At Silhouette you have the opportunity to try a simple, comfortable and efficient programme for slimming, lymphatic drainage and more procedures to help you get a firm body – SoUp Perfect Body!

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SoUp is a complete treatment, not just a machine. Our specialists recommend it for body reshaping through metabolic stimulation and reactivation of natural processes that help you get (back) in shape and get rid of cellulite. You can choose from 2 versions of the SoUp treatment: lipolytic treatment or firming treament, depending on your specific needs. We will analyse, diagnose and decide together the ideal choice for you so that you can enjoy the results from the first session. Come and see what SoUp can do for your body!


Body Shaping and anti-cellulite treatments based on radio-frequency and ultrasounds 

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SoUp is one of the treatments our Silhouette ambassadors in our transformation programme #NUExistaNuSePoate


So Up Lipolytic is an innovative machine that combines synchronous vacuum (that breaks down granular fat deposits), continous vacuum (for lymphatic drainage), radio-frequency (for cellular metabolic stimulation) and ultrasounds (for fat fluidization and discharge). To this mix, our specialists add lipolytic serum, lipolytic gel and finally a lipolytic cream for an even result. The treatment manages to liquify extra fat from specific areas and to slim down those areas by visibly cutting out extra centimetres.

Duration of a session of SoUp anti-cellulite and body reshaping session: 50 minutes

Visible effects of a session of SoUp anti-celluite and body reshaping treatment:  firmer skin, stimulation of natural collagen production, toned skin, reduced centimetres in treated areas

Normal price of a SoUp session: 325 lei /50 minute session



Firming and Toning treatment using readio-frequency and ultrasounds

SoUp tratament fermitate Silhouette

63 years old Lavinia has regained skin and body firmness with SoUp


So Up Firming is a treatment that successfully combines the synchronous vacuum method with readio-frequency (which stimulates the metabolism) with a firming serum, firming gel and a final evening firming cream. This treatment uses ultrasounds and radio-frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The result is a firmer, smoother skin with less cellulite, according to studies.

Duration of a SoUp Firming and Toning treatment with radio-frequency and ultrasounds: 50 minutes

Visible effects of a session of  SoUp firming and toning treatment: muscular toning and firm skin right away

Normal price of a SoUp session: 325 lei /50 minute session




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