thermagecpt_full_hiresThermage represents an innovative step in body and face redefinition and contour. Thermage is considered as being the INNOVATION of the 3rd millennium in non-invasive anti-ageing and body reshaping procedures.

Utilizing NASA technology, Thermage achieves a non-surgical lifting, giving back the skins firmness and contour. It’s used on skin areas which have lost their elasticity, as well as the entire face, lips, the area around the eyes, hands, arms, stomach, hips, butt-chicks where flab appears easily. Thermage helps in eliminating flab.

How does it work?

The treatment is based on radiofrequencies which warm-up the deep layers of the skin, while the surface is cooled to be kept intact during the procedure. This deep warm-up stimulates the natural process of skin rejuvenation, which leads to the stretching of the existing collagen and generating new one. This way, your skin will be softer and firmer!

A single session gives spectacularly results which last for a period of time varying from 3 to 5 years